Bill has always enjoyed travel, and a camera has always been close at hand to document the incredible scenery the world offers. Whether underwater or above water, his images attempt to capture the diversity of the places he has had the good fortune to visit. While landscape and nature photography might be his favorite, a passion to both learn and teach sparks an interest in various other types of photography as well.

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FEATURED IMAGE:  Vernazza, Italy — one of the five coastal villages in the Cinque Terre (five lands) region of Italy.  It has one small road through the center of town, but any services traffic is restricted to the very early hours; otherwise it is filled with pedestrians (tourists) throughout the day.  Branching off this road are stairs-laden sidewalks that go up, up, up.  See my fifty Italia favs in the Galleries > Places from our recent trip.   

Dusk over Vernazza