In and Around Ft. Pierce, Florida

For the first time, Sandy and I joined the annual winter migration to Florida, but just for a short week’s family visit.  There we enjoyed strolls on the North Hutchinson Island beach, separated from the town of Ft. Pierce by the Indian River Lagoon (an estuary, really).  Most everyday we witnessed spectacular sunrises and sunsets, while mesmerized by the relentless pounding waves.  Our schedule was filled with kayaking, horseback riding, an airboat ride on nearby Lake Okeechobee, small museums, exploring in the car, too much good food, a planetarium show, and some occasional relaxing.

Hope you enjoy just a few of the images from this way too brief trip.

On one of our afternoon walks, we were amazed to see an area of the beach littered with small Portuguese Man o’ War.  Touching them can be quite painful, but it was fun photographing their beautiful colors.

A motorized kayak tour was a first for us.  “A lightweight trolling motor is mounted on every one of our kayaks. These motors are designed for kayaks and canoes, are battery operated, and are environmentally sound: no gas or oil drips, no toxic fumes and no noise pollution. They are steered by a tiller system which is easily accessible by the user.”  —  We had great fun exploring and learning the mangroves in the Indian River Lagoon.

Another first for us was an airboat ride (in Lake Okeechobee).  Our guide said it would be “LOUD”, and he was not kidding.  Headphone earmuffs helped dampen the sound.  The only other dampening was the rain that kept our cameras under cover for about half of the hour tour.  We will have to try again another time.  The Lake is a birder’s paradise, although the photography can be very tricky from a speeding airboat.  Our best shots were when the boat stopped to look for gators and other critters.

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